The basic of waterproofing is a leakage in the building. The leakages can happen in a building due to rains, and water leakages. These leakages can occur from terrace, toilets, side walls, swimming pools, balconies, sump tank, overhead tank and also from utility areas. The water seepage caused in the buildings can damage the structure, corrode the steel embedded in concrete slab, beams and pillars and also reduces the strength, life value of the building. The fungus formation that takes place due to the leakage can cause health hazard and also gives an ugly look to your building.

Due to this following reason a preventive measure needs to be taken which is by way of waterproofing. Waterproofing using construction chemicals are effective way to protect your building from ingress of water. Effective waterproofing not only protects your building but also enhances the look and life of the building. An inspection of the building and proper diagnosis is required to evaluate the leakage in the building for a perfect treatment of water leakage.

These diagnosis and evaluation is to be carried out by professionals and well trained applicators, who can give 100% results.


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A leakage is a gateway to a damage.